About Cari Ginger

I love jewelry, fashion and the art of pulling bold pieces together to create a fierce outfit. I love antiques and anything vintage, and I love to shop. Just like some folks find golfing or visiting museums relaxing and therapeutic, I find putting on my IPod and walking around a flea market the ultimate therapy. It is also a wonderful adventure, like going on a treasure hunt.

So how did Bubby’s Vintage come to be? In the fall of 2010, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon I was at one of my favorite flea markets in NYC and all the beautiful treasures that surrounded me that I couldn’t afford to buy overwhelmed me. Then it occurred to me – if I sold some of the special pieces I found, then I could buy them all and in a moment Bubby’s was born.

Growing up, my brother and I would visit my grandparents every Friday night for dinner. I remember being dazzled by my grandmother, Bubby, who would greet us wearing beautiful accessories, from her earrings down to her slippers. She didn’t believe in saving her best jewelry just for special occasions. Every day was a special occasion! She knew how to have fun with fashion, and she wanted me to have fun with it too. While my grandfather schooled my brother in cards, Bubby would take me back to her jewelry chest to let me play, and at the end of the night I would leave with a treasure. I still love wearing those treasures today.

I love to style people, and I love seeing the confidence radiating off a well-dressed woman’s face. I adore putting on my jewelry and accessories because they make me feel special- unique- different from everyone else on the street. It gives me an extra pep in my step and more confidence. As much as I love fashion, I also love on my basics (jeans and a white shirt or plain sweater) and love to sass it up with my rhinestone treasures.

I know that putting together outfits and adding accessories can be overwhelming, and that’s where Bubby’s can help. We will give you ideas on how to wear each of our pieces. My Bubby taught me to wear your jewelry all the time and not to save your favorite and most stunning pieces for a special event.

I hope you have as much fun shopping with on Bubby’s as I had finding each of our vintage gems. I will be posting regular blogs giving out my favorite websites, great finds and styling ideas. We believe every day is a special event, so wear your jewelry daily with pride!




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